Mobcount Counting with Video

Panic Monster reads up - thanks to Wait but Why Research is focussed on object detection with Deep Learning, tracking in video, re-identification and real-time performance. We have worked in Internet video and camera technology for many years, but have been focussed on this area since early 2014, attending CVPR2014/2015, BMVA2015 and similar.

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Vision trade fair We will be exhibiting at VISION 2016, 8-10 Nov in Stuttgart. We will be in a small :) booth IJ64 on the north side, under the company name Yan Tan Tethera. Drop an email if you are interested in booking a time - jimd (at)

What does the Future hold

Technically, we are betting on the following :-

  1. Deep Neural Nets will continue to improve at a rapid pace, Google/Facebook will share research as they have all the data
  2. GPUs will continue to improve, though short term NVIDIA will remain dominant, mid term new chip architectures may make an impact
  3. Camera technology, driven by mobile phones, will get better and better
  4. Tightly controlled interaction between image sensors and software (computational photography) will become more accessible
  5. The mobile phone will remain the dominant hardware and UI interaction platform
  6. People will produce too much video. Other people will sell good and bad tools to deal with this
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